Fashion trends for spring

It is important that we familiarise ourselves with the most popular fashion tip which says we should dress according to the weather. Though some of us tend to take it for granted and ruin our fashion sense in the process. This timely and informative article will give some advice on how to dress stylishly during the spring season.
Fashion trends for spring

Invest more in furry caps to keep your head warm. Your dress code for the day will guide you on which color to pick. When your head is warm, the heat will eventually circulate around the rest of the body.

Fur coats, trench coats, and trendy sweaters should not miss in your wardrobe, but be sure to pick out something out of the ordinary. Be bold enough to try out something that you have never tried in your life just as long as you are decent.

UK Fashion Brands Focus Today

The UK fashion industry has grown tremendously in the past few years. With the runway walks showcasing clothing that is rather bold, the trend is fast catching on the streets as individuals are making it their own. However with the fact that UK fashion Brands mainly today work to advertise more to the locals than to an exclusive few, clothing has been cheaper and more ready to wear. This simply means that the modifications done from the catwalk to the store are now on an all time low.
Still when considering UK fashion Brands today, it is vital for every fashion lover to recognize that brands are now focusing more on accessories to add colour pops. With bold accessories such as bags, necklaces and even shoes taking center stage, clothing is predominantly simple as the London fashion show revealed. In fact colors like black, Grey, nude and white are the ones that have been used, with other colours used as their accessories. By doing this fashion re-branding has been achieved since the normally “boring” colors can now be worn outside the office.
All in all one thing is clear, with UK fashion brands focus today going back to everyday people, soon everyone will dress like a fashion icon in their own tastes.

Top fashion trends for winter

How to survive the cold and long winter days? The more layers you wear, the warmer it gets. We selected a few combinations you can wear in any situation, which won’t make you look overloaded, but still keep you warm.


Fake fur is always in trend, so you can choose a coat and put it under a warm striped shirt. Combine the traditional coat with something that is not traditional. Also, tight Levis jeans are more than excellent with this combination and you can shove them in a modern retro boots. To look totally stylish, take a retro purse and put on a gray cap. If you think that you will be cold, wear a cardigan under the coat.


Express the exotic part of you by wearing something with tassels and animal pattern. A skirt or cinnamon-coloured pants fit well with a wool vest with tassels, under which you can wear a T-shirt with animal pattern. Complete the look with black ankle boots and a golden bracelet.

Winter wardrobe is not complete if you don’t have a feathered jacket in the closet. For this example, olive green winter jacket will be perfect in combination with a bright knitted cardigan and dark jeans. To complete the combination, wear brown ankle boots.

Fashion trends for spring 2016

This year, it’s all about comfort. Fashionistas are in love with lines with hints of Spanish and Victorian. They are being applied to new wardrobe collections by top designers of Paris and New York. To name a few; Rebecca Minkoff, Emilia Wickstead, Victoria Beckham and Diane Von Furstenberg.

The colours used to define body shapes are not very flattering on these coming lines. It seems like this year, people are more inclined on imposing comfort than fashion. Nets, knits, pleats and the 70’s suede are making a comeback and they are beautifully incorporated in flowing dresses.

We are also elated about the staying power of our beloved flat shoes. These comfortable flats are being donned by artists around the world and we can see it staying beyond the duration of spring.

After the attempts of several more renowned designers like Michael Kors and Wes Gordon to design knitted lines, we now have reason to believe that wearing knits during spring is pulling its way up the fashion trend. We’re definitely not going to miss the chance to don it when we can.

Plus-Size Lingerie Is Back

Being Fashionable makes you feel independent, happy, and keep your spirit high. When it comes to women, fashion comprises of everything from head to toe, so why leave the lingerie. It is a general notion that sensual lingerie are meant only for slim women. Your size can never be a judging factor for you decide on whether you should wear attractive clothes and lingerie or not.

The aim being to make single person get to the best, look the best and feel happy about them. As a result, the market of plus sized lingerie is growing rapidly giving all the women a chance to look good equally.

There is a great variety of plus sized lingerie in the market these days that gives women a choice to choose the best for them. As per the recent study demand for plus sized lingerie is growing very fast and hence all the fashion brands are including plus sized lingerie in their business line. Most of the designs being limited edition help to make your collection stand out. Top brands taking plus sized lingerie as their line of business there is a lot to look forward this 2016. From Swimwear to the bikini wear, floral prints to lacy looks, sexy one piece with chevron cuts to sensual mesh cutouts, everything that you name it are going to be available at an amazing price. Many new and exciting collections is arriving in 2016.

The change in the fashion industry and the interest of top brands in plus size lingerie is going to make your shopping an exciting experience. Get ready to shop the best design and make the most glamorous collection for you to feel happy about. Live your life the way you want, wear what you want and stay happy.

Perfect4U Collection Spring Summer 2016

The Perfect4U collection for Spring Summer 2016 is once again fabulous! Fantastic colors and designs for every size. With attention to detail all the designs are ideal for every occasion.

Beautiful lace, bright colors including pink, cream, coral, blue, white and our favorite black! With sizes from 6 up to 28 the lingerie is for every woman!

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Fashion Trends Winter 2015

First impression is the last impression. In addition, the impression you create on other leaves your statement in their minds for a long time.

Time passes but leaves its stamp on minds of many. With time, fashion trends change but some trends leave a deep mark that stays for some time. Winter 2015 seem to make such a mark.

With lots of happenings in fashion industry in winter 2015, season seem to be at a bloom for fashion industry.

The market players decided in last fashion weeks what to come in winter 2015 and what not.

People seem to go for much furry items then the usual ones.

Skirt with a blouse will make a statement and let some remember you for a long time.

Induction of natural true colors will make you look closer to nature and for your job new slim fit line trousers and baggy shirts will speak for your worth.


Spring Fashion Trends 2015

With spring season already here with us, fashion enthusiasts are looking for ways of revamping their closets with the latest attires. For women, jumpsuits are proving to be a major hit since they embody the three C’s of fashion which include chic, cool and comfort. This gear is versatile and can be worn in both casual and formal settings, moreover different designers have added their own unique tastes to the apparel thus giving consumers a wider variety to choose from.

When it comes to color most people prefer red as their favorite shade this season, it’s versatile and perfectly blends with black for a sharp elegant look. Another cool fashion trends for spring is the trouser suit, it comes equipped with whimsical touches like twine & cowbell belts including the shimmering pinstripes of Chanel. Suede has also made a major comeback with its rustic old-school aura, many designers have added a touch of suede to their clothes which include A-line skirts, Trench coats and classic bootcut pants just to mention a few.

Colors that rule this Spring 2015

Want to know the hottest shades that rule in this Spring season? Here are the top 5 colors that you are going to wear for this Spring. These color predictions are made by Pantone, one of the most popular fashion giants of the world.

1. Aquamarine- It is the calmest and coolest shade of blue, which gives a wet and watery feel. It also acts as a great stress buster. This shade looks open, expansive and extremely romantic as well. You can make a perfect combination when you pair aquamarine with reddish brown or Glacier Gray shades.

2. Scuba Blue- It brings a carefree sportive look and feel. The tone of Scuba blue can add a great excitement in any occasion. This inspiring and energizing shade looks more pretty when combined with Classic Blue or Lucite Green.

3. Lucite Green- It is a unique shade which gives cool and refreshing mood. It is a combination of mint and classic green shades. It is perfect to try with any kind of outfits from full lengths to tight fittings. It looks amazing in combination with Classic Blue and Scuba Blue.

4. Classic Blue- It is the favorite color of many people over the decades since it looks elegant. The classic blue features the reliability and trustworthiness feelings on our subconscious mind. You can create some really interesting combinations with the Classic Blue and the Navy Blue tones. Generally, Classic Blue goes well with Sandstone and reddish brown colors.

5. Toasted Almond- It looks fresh, bright and energized. This color is highly versatile and it enables the designers to try any sort of shades and shapes. This peach-inspired color makes a great pair with Lavender color. It brings comforting warmth and so it naturally indicates a spring feeling.

Shopping during This Festive Season

Over spending is one of the main problems that most people fail to keep it under control during the Christmas holiday. Most people ending up buying things that we never use them. The following are useful tips that will ensure that you stay discipline during this festive season.

1. Plan you Christmas shopping
Before you go shopping, make a list of the things that you want to buy according to the budget you have. This will help you avoid buying unnecessary things thereby overspending.

2. Find hidden local eBay bargains
eBay bargains can significantly reduce your Christmas shopping budget. Make sure that you look for these local Christmas bargains before going shopping.

3. Use gift cards while shopping
Gift cards are usually non refundable and with limited time frame. During this festive season, make use of these card and collect your discounts form the selected stores.
There you go, use the above tips and you will significantly save your cash.