Spring Fashion Trends 2015

With spring season already here with us, fashion enthusiasts are looking for ways of revamping their closets with the latest attires. For women, jumpsuits are proving to be a major hit since they embody the three C’s of fashion which include chic, cool and comfort. This gear is versatile and can be worn in both casual and formal settings, moreover different designers have added their own unique tastes to the apparel thus giving consumers a wider variety to choose from.

When it comes to color most people prefer red as their favorite shade this season, it’s versatile and perfectly blends with black for a sharp elegant look. Another cool fashion trends for spring is the trouser suit, it comes equipped with whimsical touches like twine & cowbell belts including the shimmering pinstripes of Chanel. Suede has also made a major comeback with its rustic old-school aura, many designers have added a touch of suede to their clothes which include A-line skirts, Trench coats and classic bootcut pants just to mention a few.